Bulles Group LTD: Beams and a wide range of construction materials from wood

Bulles Group Ltd is an official representative of the Austrian company SCH Holzindustrie Schweighofer SRL.


Bulles Group ltd is established at the beginning of 1997. We achieved a good name as a correct and reliable partner. We are specialized in the trade and production of timber. We perform different services with our own timber, and also with a timber of the client.

We own warehouses, with timber workshop and own transport.


Firewood Firewood

Bulles Group Ltd provides various firewood packed in any cuts.

Pellets Pellets

Bulles Group offers high quality pellets and briquetts, produced by the Austrian company SCH Holzindustrie Schweighofer SRL.

Briquettes Briquettes

We offer briquettes – ecological clean fuel.

OSB and moister-resistant plywood

Irreplaceable production for all construction, furniture and packaging industries