Our wood products meet the highest technical requirements for quality and safety. They are produced using the most advanced equipment and technology and they are subject to constant quality control, even for large production quantities, in order to achieve maximum contentment of our customers.


beams Bulles Group offers different type construction beams - pine, spruce and fir. The beams offered are first quality: rectangular or square. The length of the desired beams can be standard or non-standard dimensions!
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Front glued beams - Prices

Boards and planks

boards planks

Bulles Group offers clean boards and planks, shuttering boards and planks of pine, spruce and fir, with standard and custom sizes.
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Face boards 3 cm. - Prices
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Laths and wood floor

laths floorboards

Bulles Group offers high-quality laths from fresh timber and kiln dried laths, and wood floor.
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cladding Bulles Group offers profiled timber, paneling of pine , spruce and fir with different patterns for efficient construction solution.

Sills and broad boards

rims Worktops

By custom request Bulles Group manufactures wooden sills for doors , windows , floor and ceiling.
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Fids We offer wooden props with dimensions 3 and 4 meters

Profiled timber

Profiled timber
  • Species: spruce or pine
  • Dimensions:
    • 12.5mm х 96mm х 2-4m
    • 14mm х 121mm х 2-4m
    • 19mm х 116mm х 2-4m
    • 19mm х 96mm х 2-4m
    • 19mm х 145mm х 2-4m
    • 21mm х 145mm х 2-4m
  • Moisture: dry
  • Quality: A and B